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Adapting Slowly

on April 6, 2013

Have recently found this blog hop and link that I think you might like and I am going to follow it for a while to aid in my recuperation of the soul.


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


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Although it has been a tough week this week due to learning that my contact with my child is being reduced to fortnightly visits, I have to admit that there are one or two reasons to be cheerful.

1.  I have had two job interviews and this came quite suddenly and with little notice.  I have had my hope restored that things will turn round for me very soon.

2.  The weather had been atrocious for about three weeks until yesterday and I was overjoyed to feel the sun on my face and to know that I had got through the worst of the winter as temperatures crept back to 5 or 6 centigrade having been down to below freezing for what seemed like an eternity.  As I was going to my job interview about helping the homeless I was struck by the sight of a man sitting on the pavement looking pale and wan and as he asked me for some spare change I could not help but feel that he really had done very well to survive the dreadful weather and I gave him some money.   Did you know that it costs quite a lot for people to stay in hostel accommodation.  As I was preparing for my job interview I learnt a little more about housing problems and especially those of young people and teenagers.  I think that this man and I were both very glad to be alive and it felt life affirming to donate to him, something that I have not done for many years since I was in my early twenties.

3.  I saw my child on Tuesday and we watched an old favourite Sense and Sensibility together.  He remembered it so much and watched it and watched it. He loved the music and he was not pacing so much and had good attention to it.  Of course when he was at home he would sit and watch it for a whole afternoon without me and I would know that he was really content.  Where he is due to the noise he flits about and is distracted, there is a pack like mentality between the residents and staff where the very soul of him is distracted by the least little thing such as someone leaving a room or entering a room and he cannot sit through a whole meal in peace.  (Each resident sits on a separate table and the staff come and go all the time and he does not get a sense of community at meal times).

I really am trying not to be negative and do hope that some of this is uplifting to your soul and not too Dostoyevskyan or even Dickensian.


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