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Where to complain next and how to keep up with the volume of problems

Hi dear reader,


There are so many different bodies and agencies involved with supervision and care providers that it gets very tough to navigate through all of them.  There are education departments, social services departments, charities, health providers and also the regulatory bodies.  It is so tough trying to wade one’s way through them.  My child’s life and my own have been thoroughly torn to shreds by the difficulties we have endured over the past two years.  It has not been possible to keep my head above water and so we have not found that our rights to private family life have been restored.


My autistic child, Charlie, used to give me so much pleasure.  I am sure that he felt the same way about me.  It is utterly unspeakable what has now happened and how our lives have been affected.  Admittedly we had had a few complaints to the environmental health and police departments about us, but I always had faith that in the end we would be able to get the recognition of our valuable place in the community and the progress made.   Although it was undoubtedly only harassment that was causing my neighbour to be so antagonistic.  It is a total travesty what has occurred and I don’t know if I have the ability to face the adversarial legal system ever again.

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